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2 DVD SET Course in Bagua #1 & #2 DVD Prof Kang GeWu $65.00
3 DVD SET Wu Style Taijiquan 89 Forms Wen-Mei Yu $49.95
ACSLEVEL1 American Cane System Level 1 Yellow Belt DVD $39.95
ACSLEVEL2 American Cane System Level 2 Orange Belt DVD Shuey $39.95
ACSLEVEL3 American Cane System Level 3 Green Belt DVD Shuey $39.95
CANEFUMOVBEYOND Cane Fu Moving Beyond Disabilities DVD Stalloch Crandall $34.95
DVDCANECHIWO Cane Chi Exercising with Cane DVD Shuey $34.95
EXVID Exercise System of Cane DVD Shuey $34.95
Hawaiian Lua Martial Arts DVD SET $29.99
INTTD Intermediate Techniques and Drills DVD $34.95
Jiu Jitsu Mistakes in MMA Fights #1 DVD Caique $16.50
M-0028 Brazilian Jungle Knife Fighting DVD Testa $19.99
M-0030 Freestyle Knife Fighting DVD Testa $19.99
M-0046 Encyclopedia Who is Who in Martial Arts DVD Farkas $19.99
M-0050 American Masters & Champions Martial Arts DVD $19.99
M-0078 Close Combat Self Defense for Elite DVD Todd $19.99
MINI Techniques of Mini-Cane DVD Shuey $34.95
R.O.C.-Self Defense #2 VHS Woolridge RS02 $19.00
RS-0009 Maui Yoga DVD Darin Candler $19.99
RS-0010 Cardio Capoeira Brazilian Flashdance DVD Ribeiro $19.99
RS-0011 Cardio Capoeira Energy Fitness SD DVD Ribeiro $19.99
RS-0012 Cardio Capoeira Brazilian Ultimate Workout DVD Ribeiro $19.99
RS-0029 Weight Training Beginner DVD Glass $19.99
RS-0043 Weight Training Intermediate DVD Glass $19.99
RS-0044 Weight Training Advanced DVD Glass $19.99
RS-0063 Savate French Foot Fighting DVD Griffins $19.99
RS-0066 Hawaiian Lua Martial Arts DVD Kaihewalu $19.99
RS-0072 New Gladiators Golden Era Karate Documentary DVD $19.99
RS-0090 Side Handle Police Baton DVD Campbell $19.99
RS-0094 Tactical Hand Signals DVD Wagner $19.99
RS-0095 Edged Weapons DVD Wagner $19.99
RS-0103 Becoming a Cop DVD Wagner $19.99
RS-0236 Kobudo: Bo Tongfa Sai Tan Bo DVD Gaviola & Ricci $19.99
RS-0453 Iaido DVD Sueyoshi Akeshi $19.99
RS-0745 Crystal Healing for Beginners #1 DVD Pavlovich $19.99
RS-0746 Crystal Healing for Beginners #2 DVD Pavlovich $19.99
RS-0747 Japanese Reiki DVD Warrener $19.99
RS-0748 Developing your Intuition DVD Pavlovich $19.99
Simple Tai Chi DVD Dr Zee Lo $9.95
STB Explosive Tong Bei DVD Anguang $24.95
Tae Kwon Do For Kids #3 VHS Kim TKDK03 $5.00
Traditional Japanese Cooking : Oshogatsu DVD $14.99
TTC1 Power Tai Chi #1: Simplified Tai Chi 24 DVD Tang $24.95
TTC2 Power Tai Chi #2 Simplified Tai Chi 18 DVD Tang $24.95
W.A.R. #4 Close Quarter Defense Part 1 VHS Stewart WAR04 $5.00
Weapons Combinations VHS Rodrigues WPC $5.00
WU01 Wu Style Taijiquan 89 Forms #1 DVD Yu $24.95
WU02 Wu Style Taijiquan 89 Forms #2 DVD $24.95
WU03 Wu Style Taijiquan 89 Forms 56-89 #3 DVD $24.95
YGAADV Advanced Yoga Workout DVD Shuey Hart $24.95
YGABCK Yoga Your Back Will Love DVD $24.95
YGABGN Beginning Yoga Sun Salutations DVD $24.95
YGAMA Yoga for Martial Artist DVD Shuey $24.95