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Efficiency in the Kyokushinkai; the Bunkais of superior Katas from the style had to remain in a tradition of research to reality and efficiency in combat. Shihan Bertrand Kron; 6th Dan FFK; Godan IKO; Europe championship finalist of Kata Kyokushinkai; presents in this 3rd DVD the superior advanced Katas; Seiienchin; Garyu; Seipai; Kanku and Sushi Ho. Plus 2 breathing Katas Sanchin et Tensho in Bonus. Each kata is broken down in different angles; and then explained. The complex sequence of movements are shown with concrete examples (bunka‹) in the idea of Kyokushinkai: technical respect of the kata movement; but with realism in the fight. Sensei J‚r“me de Timmerman then shows the kata. 2 examples of fighting techniques (Bunkai Kumit‚) are shown for each kata as extra practice.