VPM-19 Aikido from A to Z Basic Techniques #2 DVD Brauhardt


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Product Description
In this educational film-series; Aikido from A to Z; Grand Master Reiner Brauhardt (8th Dan Aikido; Kyoshi) offers a widespread training of all aspects of Aikido. Starting with the first steps the viewer is led to the multi-variant techniques with and without weapons. Reiner Brauhardt is one of the most famous Aikido Masters in Europe. As a pioneer of Aikido in Germany he started with this martial art more than 40 years ago. Since 1985 he has been a professional instructor and runs a school in Siegen. This second DVD shows central throw techniques like shiho-nage; kote-gaeshi; irimi-nage; sumi-otoshi; and more. 60 minutes plus bonus.