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The publication of this book marks the first time that Hanshi Dometrichi's story is being widely told. Students of all karate styles can now get a glimpse of what it was like to train directly under one of the 'old masters' of karate-do. Chitose O-Sensei was one of the most important architects of modern karate-do during a key time in its development, and without knowing why, William J. Dometrich was accepted as his first non-Japanese student. This book is a valuable and insightful addition to the growing body of martial arts literature whose focus is to reveal the true spirit of the Japanese budo-that of perseverance, dedication, and service. Students of all martial arts will enjoy its stories and be motivated by its lessons. It also provides a unique insight into the early years of karate-do in North America. Readers will learn first hand of the camaraderie, the struggles, the victories, and the defeats. Without a doubt, this is a book that all students of karate-do should have in their martial arts library. It is the culmination of 50 years of experience in the martial arts, clearly depicting the experiences of one of today's top teachers. Readers will find the writing style captivating and personable, and will thoroughly enjoy the many photographs and anecdotes. 7 x 10. 345 pages.