EB-024 Karate Do Way of Life Shotokan Gosoku Ryu Book Grigorian


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Finally, a well-produced comprehensive instructional book that encompasses all fundamental skills, training principles, and terminology of the art of Shotokan and Gosoku Ryu Karate is available in a convenient single volume in the English language. This book is considered by many experts as the ultimate guide to IKA Karate in the styles of Shotokan and Gosoku Ryu, and a 'must read' for all karate practitioners. It includes numerous photos and comprehensive information that will vastly improve the practitioner's ability and understanding. Shotokan and Gosoku Ryu are two of the world's most popular styles and Soke Takayuki Kubota designed this method to overcome a larger and stronger opponent in life-or-death encounters. This book introduces an evolutionary advancement and re-blending of the art of empty-hand combat. A classic book for all Karate practitioners! 7 x 10 - 288 pages