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Jeet Kune Do is the art of expressing the human body in combative form. It is not a 'style' or 'system' of martial art as conventionally defined. Nor is it simply an eclectic conglomeration of fighting techniques from various arts combined with philosophical dogma that is convenient. Jeet Kune Do is a rational, well thought-out approach to 'total' martial art training. The Encylopedia of Jeet Kune Do is designed to serve as a resource guide, not only for the person training in Jeet Kune Do, but for any martial artist sincerely interested in enhancing his or her performance and achieving one's full potential. Many of the principles and training methods illustrated in one section or chapter of this book can and should be cross-referenced with motions or actions in another. The goal is for you, the reader, to use this book to improve your understanding and working knowledge of the art, science, and philosophy of unarmed combat known as Jeet Kune Do. Remember, it's not how much you absorb, but how much of what you've absorbed that you can apply 'alively' that counts. 7 X 10. 372 pages.