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Contained in this book is not the way, but simply a way to detect, defeat and disrupt a terrorist attack against yourself and your family. There is no magic bullet that will protect you in any and all circumstances. There are no guarantees that following this book to the letter will prevent your becoming the target of a terrorist group. There is no doubt, however, that by following these time-honored and tested principles you will be safer and better prepared than most citizens.The tactics and techniques in this book have been practiced by U.S. Government employees who live, work and serve in dangerous environments. We have a phrase that we use - 'written in blood', and these techniques have truly been 'written in blood'. Simply stated, we learn through the failures and experiences of others. In the world of counter terrorism it is often through the shed blood and sacrifice of innocent lives that we learn our most valuable lessons. The techniques provided in this book are the 'tools' that will help you to: 7 x 10. 210 pages.  Spot a terrorist incident before it occurs  Respond quickly to a terrorist incident  Survive an attack