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ATF is excited to have released their latest addition to their constantly expanding product line, MOB, which is a softcover book by Master Reynaldo S. Galang of Bakbakan International. Bakbakan International is a brotherhood of martial artists from different disciplines of martial arts. It is not a style nor representative of any single style. It is a center for the sharing of ideas, techniques and knowledge. It serves as the driving force in keeping realistic, practical and proven martial arts at the forefront in these days of numerous 'paper' masters and founders. This pioneering and innovative organization has an ever-growing but select membership representing progressive fighting styles. The ideas interchange between the diverse fighting styles and enthusiastic members create a dynamic foundation for continuously improving combat arts. In this truly groundbreaking masterpiece of academic research, highly acclaimed Filipino Martial Arts warrior and scholar, Rey Galang, collaborates with renowned 'Masters of the Blade' to bare the heart and soul of the Filipino martial arts. In a presentation that goes beyond and across boundaries, discover the techniques, the training methods, the strategies and concepts that have been honed, tested and proven through centuries of combative application. Discover the essence of the Filipino Martial Arts that has made them respected and utilized worldwide by law enforcement officers, armed forces personnel, frontline operatives and members of the public interested in self-protection with and against edged weapons. Destined to become another classic resource on the Warrior Arts of the Philippines, this massive collection, profusely illustrated with over 2700 photos, presents the core tactics and concepts of many world acclaimed edged weapon combative experts.