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Captain Allan Smith, was an instructor in Hand-to-Hand Fighting at The U.S. Army Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Georgia during the 1920's. During this time, he created a series of books on The Secrets of Jujitsu. This is the first in the series. This book shares Defense when a man attacks you by seizing you around waist. There are five tricks in this series, and they provide a splendid means of exercise. Defense when a man attacks your throat. After mastering this lesson, the weakest woman will be safe from such an attack. By having your practice partner attack from behind, you master a series of tricks that will be useful in any situation of attack or defense. Defense when attacked by knife, club, pistol, kicks, etc. This lesson teaches you quick thinking and gives you presence of mind in an emergency. Taking prisoners, hammerlocks, and a number of tricks whereby the weaker man can get the stronger. These are intensely interesting tricks, most of them published for the first time. Three of the secret grips of Japan have never yet published in any book, Japanese or otherwise. These tricks give you the power of life or death. 7 x 10. 82 pages. Paperback.