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This book introduces the reader to the techniques and philosophy of the traditional martial arts of Kenpo Karate. It features some of the earliest students of Kenpo, including the author, demonstrating techniques including take downs and joint locks. The author, James M. Mitose, was the twenty-first Descendant of the Founder of Kosho-Ryu Kenpo, a complete martial arts system of ethical self-defense which teaches humility,respect,development of the mind,body, and spirit and the use of Kenpo physical arts only as a last resort when threatened with bodily harm. This, his first text on the subject, is considered by many to be a 'martial arts classic'. Many of the physical demonstrations of techniques include well known Kenpo practitioners including Thomas Young (mentor to Bruce Juchnik and Mitose's designated successor of Koshoin Hawaii when he left for the main land)and William Chow (Teacher of Kajukenbo's Adriano Emperado and American Kenpo's Ed Parker as well as Bill Chun, Sam Kuoha, and others). Measures 9in x 6in. 122 pages; Softcover.