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In Mastering Eskrima Disarms; the author; Mark Wiley; draws on his 20 years of research and 34 years of training in the United States and the Philippines under the world's most legendary figures in Eskrima. He presents in clear language and detailed photos; the essential components of Filipino disarming techniques. In this comprehensive book you will learn the disarming techniques of over 30 different styles of Eskrima; Kali; Arnis and Kabaroan; including 22 Supporting Structures and 9 Essential Principles of Effective Disarms; the 3 Ranges and 4 Modes of Engagement; 2 Positional Gates; 3 Joint Control Concepts; 5 Footwork Methods; and 5 Grip Release Concepts most essential to mastering Eskrima disarms. This masterful text contains 950 photographs illustrating 140 techniques from 35 styles of Filipino martial arts as demonstrated by dozens of its greatest legends. 7in x 10in ;242 pages; Softcover. ISBN: 9781481160643.