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Collectible! Autographed! Master Marc Lawrence Academy of Masters Hall of Fame - Life Time Award; developed this book based upon information gathered over years from 37 different Grandmasters; Masters; Guros and Instructors of what makes up the basics of the Filipino martial arts known as Arnis; Eskrima; or Kali. This book contains photographs; diagrams and detailed information that explains the basics of most of the Filipino martial arts styles in use today. This book serves as companion to any Filipino martial arts style and the information will enhance their skill. Covers stick striking patterns; grips & stick sizing; stances & body positions; ground angles; attacks & blocks; ranges of fighting; blocking; counter attacks; using the live hand; disarming; knife techniques; bolo; espada y daga; sinawalli and more! 7.5in x 5.5in ; 92 pages; Softcover.