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In Chinese Gentle Art Complete; Alexander Lim Co pours scholarship and more than 50 years' experience in Ngo Cho into the first-ever illustrated publication; and English-language translation; of this historical book on Fukien Five Ancestor Boxing. Long held as the 'Bible of Ngo Cho Kun;' this treatise on Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu has been a treasured keepsake among lineage holders of the style. Originally published in China 1917 by Yu Chiok Sam; one of the 'Ngo Cho Ten Tigers;' or leading disciples of the art's founder Chua Giok Beng; the book saw only a limited print run. It has been out of print for over 90 years! This special Tambuli Media edition presents all of the original Chinese text along with a new Foreword; Prefaces; an Appendix and precise English translation illustrated with over 700 clear photographs demonstrating techniques and training methods. Contents include: Single Short-Hand and Long-Hand Techniques; Double Short-Hand and Long-Hand Techniques; Kneeling and Evading Techniques; Nine Section Brocade; Nine Rotary Method; 18 Scholars Method; Solo and Partner Fighting Drills; 38 Solo Empty-Hand Forms; Six Weapon Art Categories.