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20 Years ago saw the publication of Tambuli: Journal of the Filipino Warrior Art's Association. Although the publication only had three issues; it was a milestone in the exposure of Filipino martial arts in the West. It also marked the original research material that Mark V. Wiley collected and later published in his groundbreaking book; Filipino Martial Culture. This 57-page; 20th Anniversary Edition; includes all three original issues; with a number of the photographs re-scanned and placed for clarity; in addition to additional photographs of the diverse collections of masters who made up the journal's Advisory and Mentor Boards. These include such luminaries as Leo Giron; Ramiro Estalilla; Gilbert Tenio; Toby Tobosa; Dionisio Canete; Herminio Binas and Onofre Escorpizo. Also included are the letters of support mailed to Mark Wiley; and published from such masters as the late Ben Largusa; Florendo Visitacion; Toby Tobosa; Chris Sayoc; George Brewster and many others. Not to mention original articles submitted by JC Cabiero; Rey Galang; Halford Jones; Carlito Lanada; Mat Marinas; Karl Marx; Clement Riedner; Chris Sayoc; Mark Wiley and Mike Young. Tambuli includes stories featuring Angel Cabales; Florendo Visitacion; Herminio Binas; Antonio Diego; Antonio Ilustrisimo; Carlito Landa and Sri Ganshyam Jaynagerker; and the arts of Cabales Serrada Escrima; Binas Dynamic Arnis; Vee Arnis-Jitsu; Kuntaw-Lima-Lima; Kalis Ilustrisimo; Hagibis; Pananandata Balisong; and more. So much information; so many styles and so much support packed into three mere issues. This collection is finally available after 20 years!