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In this ground-breaking book; author Nigel Sutton presents the wisdom; skill and experience of contemporary masters of Cheng Man Ching's Taijiquan as practiced in Malaysia and Singapore. Included are full discussions on training; teaching; Taiji principles; weapons; push hands; sparring; challenge matches; mind-body-spirit development; and stories of the late Master Cheng. Two generations of revered masters discuss Cheng's art in detail; including: Lau Kim Hong; Lee Bei Lei; Zhou Mu Tu; Ho Ah San; Tan Ching Ning; Dr. Fong Fung Tong; Wu Chiang Hsing and Koh Ah Tee. These eight teachers describe their experience which made this art; in 30 short years; the premier fighting style of Taijiquan in Southeast Asia. The masters discuss their experience with Taiji fighting; challenges and applications. This is balanced with discussions of Nei Gong or internal strength training; which is seemingly 'lost' amongst Cheng's students in the West. Well known in the West for its role in the New Age movement; this is the first book to openly expose the reality of Cheng style Taijiquan as a fighting art in the words of leading masters from the lineage. Nigel Sutton is a martial artist with more than forty years of experience who has spent the last two decades living; training and teaching in Southeast Asia. He is also the author of several other books on Taiji; Bagua and Silat.