Eskrima Street Defense: Practical Techniques Book Abenir


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By Fernando Bong Abenir Filipino martial arts are now among the most popular in the world. Yet; as their popularity grew so did the need to open commercial classes. As a result; these arts in many cases have become commercialized; watered down; and their curriculum changed from its intended use to keeping students. Eskrima Street Defense is geared for the street. It offers readers dozens of practical techniques for dangerous street encounters in six categories: 1) Hand vs. Hand; 2) Hand vs. Knife; 3) Hand vs. Bolo; 4) Knife vs. Knife; 5) Bolo vs. Bolo; and 6) Improvised Weapons. These techniques are backed up with key principles for application; discussions of the most vulnerable striking points on the body; pointers for becoming aware of your surroundings in common public spaces where attacks occur; and rules for common sense self-defense. When applying Eskrima for street defense-as opposed to sport competition-simplicity is the key to survival. This book; like street techniques; is direct and to the point. It focuses on developing safety; awareness; and skills to survive on the street when you suddenly find yourself in a bad situation.