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Eskrima stick fighting is indigenous to the Philippines and in the 1950s one of the most popular styles emerged: Balintawak. To appreciate Anciong Bacon's Balintawak Eskrima; you have to understand set-ups; anticipation; the art of outwitting through ruses and lures; economy and simplification of motion; sans lavish and squandered movements; effective strikes fused and bonded with speed; power; elegance and grace. That is the essence of Anciong's Balintawak and these are the methods Sam Buot explains and demonstrates in this book. Written from the author's half-century of personal experience and hard-earned knowledge; Balintawak Eskrima presents the art from origin to modern times; as a fighting art; as cultural tradition and a means of personal development. Illustrated with nearly 700 historical and instructional photographs; this book is a must-have for all martial artists and those interested in the history of a people and their fight art. 7x10; paperback. 260 pages.