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In Fundamental Iron Skills; the author shows you how to develop rock hard arms for blocking & striking; and an iron body to absorb blows from any attacker! Unbelievable; but these ancient skills are described in a safe; step-by-step manner by Dr. Dale Dugas who has over 35 years of training in Chinese; Okinawan & Japanese Martial Arts; including Uechi-ryu karate; Judo/Jujitsu; Jook Lum Southern Mantis; Shuai Jiao; Xingyiquan; Baguazhang; Taijiquan and Internal/External Qigong systems. He is a highly trained proponent of traditional Dit Da Ke (Chinese trauma medicine) as well as Tieh Sha Zhang Gong (Iron Palm) and Tieh Be Shan Gong (Iron Vest). This is the first book to cover all aspects of iron skills training; including solo training; use of auxiliary training equipment; herbal liniments and soaks; breaking techniques and fighting applications. Dugas explains the different ways you can set up your training area with support stands and tables; different types of training bags and open medium for striking as well as complete methods of safely training Iron Palm from beginning to the intermediate level are examined. Herbal medications for external use are discussed in detail and formulas for Iron Palm Training Liniment (Dit Da Jau) and soaks are included. After the fundamentals; he teaches how to test your development by breaking objects like wood; paving blocks; and coconuts. Following this are demonstrated fighting techniques from the internal art of Baguazhang and the short-power art of Jook Lum Southern Mantis. Each technique emphasizes a different Iron Skill developed in the book and discusses specific pressure points for striking and taking out your opponent. 170 pages; paperback; 190 photos. Learn to distinguish between the myths and the reality of Iron Skills training and see how you can train to create a stronger; healthier set of arms/hands.