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Books on Ip Man's famous Wing Chun system are plentiful; yet focus mainly on the choreography and applications of the forms. Yet; to master Wing Chun one must develop mastery of internal body structure; energy generation; and proper force issuance in his own movements and especially when controlling an aggressive opponent. In The Structure of Wing Chun Kuen; Alan Orr teaches this very method in great detail. Covers the essence of the Chu Sau Li Wing Chun system and its role in the structural development of Wing Chun. It follows the story of Alan Orr and his quest to learn martial arts as part of his path to personal growth and development. It explores highs and lows of learning and his search for understanding the internal and physical aspects of Wing Chun. From here; the book delves deep into the structure; core; and training of this dynamic martial art. The author also covers the Six Core Elements of Wing Chun and shares the teachings of grandmaster Robert Chu and Hendrik Santo. 232 pages