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Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun; also known as Wu Zu Quan or Five Ancestor Fist kung-fu; is one of the most popular styles of Southern Fist in China. Currently; it is the official style of the Southern Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou; China. The founder of this dynamic art; Chua Giok Beng; had 10 disciples; each developing his own branch of the system. This book presents the core training of the Kong Hang Athletic Association branch of Dr. Lo Yan Chui; passed down and currently headed worldwide by Sigong Henry Lo; and in Canada by Sifu Daniel Kun. Kong Han Ngo Cho: Forms; Weapons and Fighting begins with a historical presentation of the development of the various lines of Ngo Cho-each with a different focus on the representative systems of Tai Cho; Crane; Monkey; Monk; and Damo. The book then delves into the fundamental training that sets the basis for mastery of this style. Empty hand techniques; internal organ qigong exercises; solo forms; two man forms; training sets; fighting applications; weapon forms and applications; and full-contact lei-tai competition training are all presented in this comprehensive volume. Several forms are taught in great detail in solo; two-man; training sets and applications. These include Sam Chien (Three Battles); Di Sip Kun (20 Punches); Si Mun Pa Kat (Hitting the Four Corners). The weapons forms and applications detailed include the Da Dao (two-handed sword) and the 5-foot Pole.7in x 10in. 1315 pictures! 480 pages.