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Expressing gratitude; remembering moments where you felt gratitude; and recalling what you are grateful for empowers you toward a happier life with stronger interpersonal relationships. Journaling about gratitude is an important tool for growing spiritually and emotionally as it helps you remember to be grateful throughout your day. Through acknowledging your blessings and reflecting on all that you are grateful for you will come to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. My Gratitude Journal is designed to cover three years; from the day you begin using it. It is a 'user friendly' tool that helps you not only reflect on each day and acknowledge what you are grateful for but also allows you to reflect over the past years so you can see how you have grown and changed. There is a space for you to journal each day; and also to reflect on the same day years past. The journal also helps you remember less obvious things to be grateful for through the use of the unique icons displayed on each page. Each month begins with a gratitude quote to inspire. You can start at any time during the year and just move forward from there; putting the year in the provided blank. If you miss a day on a given year; just leave that entry blank and move on. 5.25in x 8in. 416 pages.