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Live Pain Free includes multiple strategies and tools you can use to finally take control of your pain - and beat it for good - instead of temporarily masking symptoms and risking addiction to pain medications. The information, strategies and methods presented are not simply a collection of popular techniques or those found in online searches. Nor does it argue the superiority of any one method, approach, or program over another. It goes much deeper. It combines various therapies and approaches to offer the best chance for immediate pain reduction and improved quality of life. Within the pages of Live Pain Free! You will learn how to: Utilize the oldest and newest pain relief methods and which work best together. Combine treatments and self-directed methods to decrease pain instantly. Stop increasing and prolonging your pain with methods of 'masking' that don't work. Get past your pain and start living your life again. Live Pain Free! includes all the tools you need to finally take control of your pain - and finally beat it for good. 8x5.5 paperback. 270 pages.