Fighting Spirit Judo in Southern California Uchima Kobayashi


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By Ansho Mas Uchima and Larry Akira Kobayashi Fighting Spirit illustrates the history of judo and documents tournaments with a comprehensive list of participants. This is the only book on judo specifically from the perspective of Southern California. Uchima researched the Issei instructors; many who are deceased. Uchima and Kobayashi were able to collect information on the various tournaments and participants by exploring the archives of the Rafu Shimpo and examining oral histories of older Nisei. Fighting Spirit covers the evolution of Judo and its foundation in Japan although the book focuses on judo dojos in Southern California. Uchima and Kobayashi demonstrate insight into a valuable historical component of our community. This book allows future generations of Japanese Americans to understand the hardships and the value placed on judo and its vital role in our community. 433 pages. 9.5in x 7in x 1in.