MDW-124 Karate My Life Book Kanazawa Kumoto


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Hirokazu Kanazawa's biography has been accurately translated by Alex Bennett. One of the most influential karate Masters Japan has seen. He has devoted himself to the study and promotion of karate for more than 50 years. 'The more I know, the more I climb, yet the mountain just gets higher. The more I try; the more I focus; the depth is limitless. There is no end in sight. That is karate; my life.' 299 pages. 6 x 8. Hardcover. Kanazawa Hirokazu was born in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, in 1931. After graduating from Takushoku University in 1958, he entered the first class of the Japan Karate Association's live-in instructor's course. On graduation he became one of the pioneers of karate's globalization, Living and instructing in Hawaii and throughout Europe. In 1978 he formed the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation, which he still heads. He continues to tirelessly promote karate built on the 'way of harmony', teaching in more than 100 countries around the world.