MDW-207 Classical Man 3 Book Set Warrener


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This is a set of all three of the Classical Man books. Includes the terrific stories that Sensei Kim would tell in his classes. Provides his philosophy and glimpses of the history of his style of karate. Volume 1 - A collection of stories; told only the way Richard Kim could tell them. Always entertaining; as well as informative. The Classical Man is not only for martial artist - but for everyone. 194 pages Volume 2 - Written by Richard Kim and Don Warrener who transcribed many of the dojo stories that Sensei Kim told in his every day classes making this a story of morals and ethics of the Japanese samurai. Volume 3 - Written by Richard Kim and Don Warrener this is the third and final in the trilogy of books on the samurai stories of Sensei Kim's that were told in every day classes. Kim was a master story teller and these books will teach you his philosophy and ways of life as he told only to his students.