MP-116 To-Te Jitsu Paperback Gichin Funakoshi


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Product Description
This book was written by Gichin Funakoshi just as karate was being introduced to Japan from Okinawa. It was translated into English in the 1990s. This is karate in 1922 when it was brand new and the long kept secrets and mysteries surrounding the art were brought into the open. Throughout the book the feeling you get from Gichin Funakoshi's words is how highly he thought of karate; for the mind and body; for the young and the old. He wanted to share his knowledge with the masses as fast as possible to improve their health and well being and safety. To-Te Jitsu features many insights and beautiful phrases; as well as photos which allow the reader to develop a feeling for that which fuels the desire in a person to train until the moment he no longer lives. Includes over 200 photos of the Master himself performing the kata and basics. 318 pages.