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This book chronicles the entire history of martial arts in all of Canada from coast to coast from its beginnings in 1886 right thru to the present day martial arts.This collection of old photos and facts is the compilation of over 50 different collectors from coast to coast who gave them up for this one of a kind project. If you and or your students are interested in knowing the true history of all martial arts in our country this is the book that will fill in all the blank spots for you.Learn things we are sure you never knew before about Karate; Kung Fu; Jiu Jitsu; Tae kwon Do; Judo and many more obscure arts. This book is over one year in the making and is something that should be made available in every dojo in Canada as this is our history and our students should all know this history.The history chapter is in both English and French languages and has hundreds of little known facts about the different personalities of the different arts.The book has been recommended by nearly every leader in Canada and together with the DVD you will have it all wrapped up.