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PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BE DISTRACTED by Leo Fong's career as a martial arts film star. Despite his successful movie years, starring in over 20 feature films, he is far more than a movie star, and his background is filled with significant accomplishment, both as a martial artist and as a teacher. With a bachelor of arts degree in physical education and a master's degree in theology, Leo committed himself to educating and training other martial artists, both new and veteran. Leo was born in Xinhui, in the province of Canton, China. At the age of five, he arrived in the United States with his family, settling in Seattle, Washington, later moving to Chicago, then a small town in Arkansas. After being subjected to racial-based bullying there, 12-year-old Leo got his hands on a book called The Fundamentals of Boxing by Barney Ross. He studied the book from cover to cover and learned how to defend himself from bullies. He took up boxing at age 15, and developing his talent for the knock-out punch, he racked up 18 wins in his amateur career. His entry into eastern martial arts began in the 1950s with judo and jiu jitsu. He studied and practiced various martial arts styles, and later developed his own style called Wei Kune Do. He was a sparring partner and friend of famed martial artist Bruce Lee. Fong appeared on the cover of the 10th anniversary edition of Black Belt magazine. While the kick is widely accepted as the most powerful set of moves in the human arsenal, few martial arts have been able to properly employ them to their full advantage. In this book, Leo Fong addresses this gap in usefulness, and provides valuable demonstrations of properly executed kicks. 80 pages.