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Paperback By Joe Lewis and Jerry Beasley This is a reprint of the long out of print book on Joe Lewis and his American Karate System. From the pain-filled dojos of Okinawa to training Force Recon Marines in Vietnam to the winning of more championship bouts than any other martial artist in history, this is both Joe's story and a detailed training manual that will teach you how Joe Lewis American Karate Systems (JLAKS) can make you a champion and keep you alive on the street. Lightning-fast strikes, footwork, feints, devastating combinations, power-punching, crippling kicks and everything else Lewis' students learn are included in this extraordinary book, including his famous flying side-kick. Now you can do what legendary martial artists Bruce Lee, Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace and Chuck Norris have all done: train with Joe Lewis, the greatest karate fighter of all time.