Karambit Exotic Weapon of Indonesian Archipelago - Tarani


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Some dust & age wear. By Steve Tarani. #170. 10x7 144 pages; paperback. ISBN #0-6568-206-2. What is a Karambit? Why is the Karambit one of the most awesome personal defense weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago? Extracted from the jungles of West Java; deep in the heart of Indonesia; the ancient technologies of the Karambit masters are revealed for the first time in this unique contribution to the world of martial arts edged weapons training. In this 'how to' training reference; delve into the rich history and practical operation of this incredible artifact. Uncover the secrets of the Indonesian training method; combative strategies; and the way of the ancient masters in edged weapon defensive tactics such as disarms; takedowns; throws; immobilizations; escapes; locks and other self-defense skills in operating the Karambit. The history of this ancient and mysterious weapon is steeped in legend and its operation until now has been kept secret for centuries. Join Jagabaya Steve Tarani as he takes you step by step through the mystical history and training drills of this highly guarded close quarters personal defense system. This outstanding volume is a must for the serious student of edged weapons; martial arts training and self-defense application.