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By Randy Williams. 7x10. 353 pages. This first book in a series covers: History/Overview of the System; Basic Yin and Yang Blocks; The Eight Punches of Wing Chun; The Eight Palm Strikes; Elbow Attacks; Complex Blocks/Strikes; Eight Kicks and Kicking Principles; Five Basic Moving Stances; Combination Stances; Basic Yum/Yeung Theory; Glossary of Terms (Chinese/English); Fon Sau (Trapping Hands); Two-Man Drills; Chee Sau (Sticky Hands); Rattan Ring Fundamentals and more. Randy Williams has trained in Wing Chun Gung Fu or over thirty years, beginning his training with Sifu George Yau Chu in LA Chinatown and continued his Wing Chun education with other Chinese masters during the years he lived in Singapore and traveled Asia extensively. He has worked as bodyguard to a number of celebrities; American; British and Chinese. He calls his particular hybrid interpretation and blend of the concepts; techniques and principles Close Range Combat Wing Chun; which is practised in his international CRC Academy chain of self defense schools around the world. Randy has been a frequent contributor to Inside Kung Fu magazine since 1982; and has produced a 28-tape video series for Unique Publications.