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By Michael J. Lorden. #317. 6 X 9; 184 pages; paperback. ISBN #1-892515-24-5. The Kyokushinkai karate of Mas Oyama is widely practiced and well respected. Oyama's exploits are the stuff of legend. He killed a bull using only his bare hands. He fought 100 men in one day; one after the other. Over the course of one year Oyama accepted 270 challenges. He fought boxers; wrestlers; bouncers; and anyone who issued a challenge. He was undefeated. His dynamic feats of board and brick breaking are so amazing that he has been nicknamed by the press 'Godhand.' For nearly 50 years; over 15 million members of Oyama's worldwide Kyokushin Karate Organization witnessed this master's incredible feats. This book presents the life and spirit of Mas Oyama and the history; development; and exploits of his aggressive martial art-thought by many to be the 'strongest karate.'