Japanese Karate Warrior's Spirit - Ivan & Godshaw


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OUT OF PRINT! In this book; the authors present karate in its original concept; a martial art born from the need to survive. Survival against invaders; survival on the battlefield; and in most instances; survival in life-and-death struggles. The writers are Dan Ivan and Paul Godshaw; two of the greatest authorities on the subject today. Ivan; for example; has black belts in karate; judo; aikido and kendo. He also took shotokan karate with Sensei Isao Obata. Godshaw; the regional director for the USA AAU program and chief referee for the AAU Karate Program of America; has also trained in many styles; including shotokan; wado-ryu; kobudo; goju-ryu; itosu-kai; aikido and; of course; karate.