Jeet Kune Do A - Z # 2 Book - Chris Kent


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OUT OF PRINT! By Chris Kent. #408. 7 X 10; 192 pages; paperback. ISBN #0-86568-178-3. A continuation of the Jeet Kune Do: A to Z series; this volume examines the elements of Bruce Lee's fighting art that enable one to become a complete and well-rounded fighter. Chapter one concludes the exploration of jeet kune do's attacking methods begun in the first volume of the series by examining the use of feints and false attacks. From here; the book explores the art and science of counter attacking; including the use and methods of interception; parry-and-counter; evade-and-counter; and jam-and-counter. This is followed by a breakdown of the various defensive skills used in jeet kune do; and the various tactical elements of timing; distance; rhythm; cadence; and tempo. The book concludes with a discussion of the major philosophical tenets of jeet kune do as set out by the late Bruce Lee. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of instructional photographs; this book presents many of Bruce Lee's little-known secrets to becoming a complete and effective fighter.