16870 Empire AXE PRO Marker Dust Black/Grey


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Dust Black/Gray. The Empire Axe Pro is the Pro Tournament 'Big Brother' of the Axe! Improvements include waterproofing; compact Relay ASA; new trigger & trigger guard; better clamping feedneck; micro honed two-piece Driver XX barrel; improved ergonomics and a bigger brain. Plus; its easier to maintain on or off the field with only 2 hex wrenches required! Features: - Full feature Redline OLED Board with Joystick Navigation - Improved ergonomics in Grip Frame and Foregrip - Simple Push-Button In-Line Bolt Removal System - Polished Two Piece Barrel with .688 Bore for Improved Accuracy & Efficiency - 7.5in Control Bore & Spiral Porting for Superior Ball on Ball Accuracy - Barrel is cross compatible with Pipe Barrel Backs - New Trigger Design with Modular Trigger Guard - Trigger Screw for easy maintenance - Externally serviceable Eyes - Easy Clean Double Eye System - Rubber Nub-style Ball Detents - Tool-less Clamping Feedneck - Integrated Internal Air Channel