Empire Vanquish Marker Electric Teal


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Product Description
Electric Teal The Vanquish is the premier paintball marker from Empire Paintball; renowned for its performance and cutting edge features like on-board pressure sensors and customizable firing board. Designed with shape and purpose to perform at the highest level; the Vanquish has everything a demanding player needs. Its bold appearance hides the sophisticated electronics; laser eye system; wireless battery; digital pressure sensor and many other features in its fully machined body. The Vanquish was conceived; designed and built for those who play at the highest level of paintball! Features - Pressure balanced Spool Valve firing engine creates an incredibly soft shot with little kick - Precision pressure sensor for onscreen pressure readout- No external gauge needed - Quiet and accurate Vanquish-specific 2pc Driver XX barrel - The Driver XX barrel features a 7.5' control bore with four backs (.682; .685; .688; .691). - All adjustments and maintenance require only the 3/32' Hex wrench - Push button Bolt removal and hinged Frame for quick maintenance - Easy to clean. Reliable laser eye breech sensor system that prevents ball breaks - 4-way Adjustable Dual-Bearing Trigger - Rubber tipped spring assisted Bolt is soft on paint - Widescreen OLED display with super bright 2000:1 contrast ratio is standard on the vanquish - 5-way Joystick navigation control - Nano-watt XLP flash microcontroller performing up to 16 MIPS (million instructions per second) provides highly accurate timing while not eating your battery - Wireless battery connection between Grip Frame and Body - 2.7KHz Beeper to provide audio feedback - Includes a Micro USB port for PC connection