Tapout Adult Mouthpeice 2-pack *GREEN*


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Product Description
This is TapouT Mouthguard - an advanced and safe mouthguard created for contact sports. The fiercest competitors from arguably the toughest sport on earth use advanced technology to protect themselves. Now; TapouT brings that technology to all contact sports so that every warrior has the TapouT advantage. Advanced technology; a broad range of team colors; TapouT tough; all backed by one of the most extensive warranties available. Comes with 2 mouthpieces. Green with black and green with white. While wearing the TapouT Mouthguard; the Temporomandibular Joint; (TMJ) fills with fluid as a natural lubricant and shock absorber. The TapouT Mouthguard properly positions your TMJ during stress related activities; so the combination of natural fluids and our Concussion Defense System gives you Anti-Concussion protection. Each TapouT Mouthguard comes with a $30;000 dental warranty = one of the best warranties in the business! The TapouT Mouthguard warranty is twice as much as any other mouthguard on the market. Giving every coach; parent and athlete an extra sense of security and piece of mind that they are using excellent protection.