Escrima Kali Sparring Gloves


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Manufactured in the Orient by one of the largest makers of Filipino Kali Arnis Escrima stick fighting gear. These fully padded gloves provide maximum protection with minimum restriction of movement. Helps reduce painful injuries to hands and wrists. Ballistic nylon straps are used to secure your fingers to the guard; which provides minimal restriction and bulk between your hand and the stick. The back of the hand is protected by a thick rigid material stitched for flexibility. The fingers are protected by an unstitched material; but features an extended foam guard for better shock absorbtion. The wrist support features a hook and loop system with elastic support for added security. Approved for most contact stick fighting training and tournaments. Offers complete body protection when used in conjunction with Bodygear (#PS4013A) and Headgear (#PS4003A)! Use only under strict supervision. Approved by WEKAF (World Escrima Kali Arnis Federation). Black. Adult size.