Ronin Gear Paintball Airsoft Gun Assault Sling


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New & Improved! Will attach to most common Paintball markers including Spyder, Piranha, Tippmann Model 98 Custom, Viewloader, Autococker, Angel, B2K, etc. Allows for hands-free reloading. Adjustable sling positions your gun in the 'ready position'. Patterned after SWAT assault weapon slings. Installs in seconds! Constructed of durable nylon web with adjustable straps and quick release metal hardware. Works well for Airsoft guns. Imported. The strap with the Ronin Gear label attaches towards the front of the marker (can wrap the hook-and-loop strap around the barrel near the hopper, or attach the D-ring with a screw). Remove the second strap and re-attach it around the shoulder strap. The second strap attaches to the rear of the marker with the D-ring (use the grip frame screw, bolt plug, or sight rail screw). After adjusting the size of the shoulder strap, you should be able to angle the marker against your body and up to a ready-to-fire position by sliding the straps around.

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