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A bodyguard who was assigned to protect a supermodel ends up doing mortal combat to preserve peace and justice. Dr. Zee Lo plays multiple roles including the comedic Inspector Billy Lee (Dr. Zee Lo; The Deadly Cure; Martial Medicine Man; Chasing the Dragon) is an expert martial artist with the ambition to become a film star. He moonlights as a bounty hunter while waiting for his big break in Hollywood. One day he gets a special assignment to become the personal bodyguard of a supermodel named Nicole King(Nikita Agar; Star Trek Enterprise) who happens to be threaten by the local drug lord Wu Feng (Joe Ho; The Green Dragon; Fight Club' It is revealed in a flash back that Lee and Wu are blood brothers. Lee finds it inevitable to go against his once beloved brother in order to save his client; Nicole King. Only mortals doing combat may restore peace and justice in the world. It is an inescapble battle where nothing on earth can save them.