CANEFUMOVBEYOND Cane Fu Moving Beyond Disabilities DVD Stalloch Crandall


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Product Description
The cane is a versatile tool for medical use; self-defense; and personal fitness that can help you become more independent and feel more comfortable in the changing world that surrounds you. This 65 minute instructional DVD is for anyone who wants to learn how to use the cane to be safer in a constantly changing world. It's techniques are designed for people with poor balance; the use one functional arm; in a wheelchair; or knocked to the ground in an assault. These 14 techniques are shown in detail with multiple camera angles. It also includes: exercises; stretching; basic terminology; blocks;strikes; and kata. The kata is shown from standing; a wheelchair; and with one arm. Perfect for the beginner or experienced cane practitioner.Cane-Fu concepts; as promoted by Grandmaster Mark Shuey; make this DVD a must for everyone.