ACSLEVEL4 American Cane System Level 4 Blue Belt DVD Shuey


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Product Description
This instructional DVD series was created as a means of documenting the core of fundamental information required to test for each level up to first degree black belt. While intended for American Cane System student; this series is beneficial for anyone wishing to learn more about the versatility of the cane as a tool for self-defense and exercise. LEVEL 4 prepares the American Cane System student for the advanced material and concepts that exist at levels 5-8. The emphasis for quality in the material at levels 1-3 continues; and 13 new self-defense techniques are added (CTs 21-33) which include throws; defenses against kicks; punches; grabs; attacks from behind; and attempts to take your cane. As with each level; Grandmasters Shuey and Crandall introduce the student to new traditional martial arts philosophy and concepts including the student-instructor relationship. The exercise system now includes the introduction of resistance bands that will allow the student to accelerate their training in the system. Some exercises include triceps extensions; the back squat; curls; and more. To better develop cane control and flow; new grips and shifting between grips are explained in detail. New empty-hand techniques; stances; cane blocks; and cane strikes are presented; expanding the student's fundamental knowledge. The single-handed and double-handed partner 8-point partner drill sets (cane-against-cane) are completed. The DVD concludes with instruction in the required kata Reflection 4. The kata is presented at power and speed; and from Front; Side; and Back views at half-speed. The kata is then broken down into segments which clarify important subtleties and practical applications of the defensive scenarios. 60 minutes. .