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Product Description
This instructional DVD series was created as a means of documenting the core of fundamental information required to test for each level up to first degree black belt. While intended for American Cane System student; this series is beneficial for anyone wishing to learn more about the versatility of the cane as a tool for self-defense and exercise. LEVEL 6 marks a shift in the American Cane System student's training from 'scientific/systematic' skills toward self-defense. This is strongly presented in both the techniques and kata. 17 new self-defense techniques are taught (CTs 48-64) involving joint locks; double-punches; cane retention; disarming an attacker (such as wielding a stick or pipe); defense against underhand and overhand knife assaults; and more. The video begins with an in-studio interview with Grandmaster Shuey; introducing the student to more information about the style's founder and his background. The exercise system adds the overhead press; row; lat pull-down; Romanian dead lift; good morning; band twists; and more. New blocks and strikes are added; and combination techniques are introduced. The standard 12 block partner drill and the 12 block variations partner drill are presented. Other areas include empty-hand techniques; back kick; bag work; and more. The DVD concludes with instruction in the required kata Natural Walk. The kata is presented at power and speed; and from Front; Side; and Back views at half-speed. The kata is then broken down into segments which clarify important subtleties and practical applications of the defensive scenarios. This kata is a fighting form and does not follow the pattern or symmetry of the previous 5 Reflection katas learned. 81 minutes. .