Kali Illustrisimo #2 Drills & Blocks DVD Ricketts


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Volume 2: Drills and Blocks featuring Christopher Ricketts and Rey Galang. Volume 2 demonstrates the drills and blocks of the art. Presented in detail by Master Christopher Ricketts are the techniques of Estrella; Media Fraile; Pluma; Cadena Real; and others. This tape also includes disarming techniques. Master Galang demonstrates and explains the fundamental double stick drills and techniques. 40 minutes. 2000 Kali Ilustrismo is a highly effective system of Filipino martial arts. Presented by the First Generation Senior Students of the art, this unique style is demonstrated and explained in detail by Senior INstructors Christopher Ricketts and Rey Galang. The Kali Ilustrisimo DVD series finally makes public the much sought after and respected art of the late Grandmaster Anotionio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo.