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2 DVD set by French Champion Nicolas Saignac. He has been teaching Savate since 1984 and has compete in numerous international events and has won the prestigious French Cup. Savate, the traditional art of French kickboxing, was developed in the eighteenth century by joining English boxing with Asian martial arts. Today, Savate is practiced internationally by both men and women. The ongoing popularity of the sport is due to its ability to provide a complete physical workout while honing the senses and teaching an effective form of self defense. Volume 1: Basics - This DVD features a step-by-step breakdown of the punches; kicks; blocks and combinations needed to practice the French kickboxing martial art of Savate. The DVD ends with a progressive sparring session highlighting the basic skills previously demonstrated. 53 minutes. 1993 Volume 2: Workout - This DVD combines a progression of training drills designed to give you a complete cardiovascular workout as well as get as close as possible to an actual sparring situation. Starting with stretching and warmups and advancing to a variety of kicking and punching drills this workout will complement any martial arts style. This is an excellent workout for both men and women. 62 minutes. 1993