Combat Kung Fu #1 Free Fighting Strategies DVD Okamura


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Free Fighting Strategies Part 1: Single Opponents San Soo was designed for one purpose and one purpose only: physical combat. A complete system, with strategies incorporating striking, kicking, grappling and weapons, it consists of simple but brilliant strategies anyone can learn! In this volume, Gerald takes you through the various steps needed to overcome a single opponent, regardless of your opponent's size, strength or level of training! Special Bonus! Secrets of Movie Stuntfighting! In addition to being one of the world's most well-rounded self defense experts, Gerald Okamura is also one of the foremost stuntmen, actors and stunt choreographers in the motion picture industry. On each volume in this exclusive series, Gerald reveals different secrets of 'movie magic'. Learn the truth about how Hollywood's top stunt performers put the action into action films! 54 minutes. Many consider Kung Fu San Soo to be the ultimate expression of free fighting. Designed specifically for self defense, this devastating system has proven to be all but unbeatable in the real world. Gerald Okamura, who studied under the late San Soo Master Jimmy H. Woo for nearly 25 years, and who has also studied judo, kendo and tae kwon do, now brings the principles of combat Kung Fu to the public!