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Mary Youshock has a lifetime of experience backing her up. With black belts in both Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo, she holds world championship titles in both forms and fighting. When she tried her hand at kickboxing she knocked both of her opponents out in less than two minutes! In this incredible DVD Mary gives you two programs for the price of one. In the first half, she focuses on AEROBIC KICKBOXING. Fitness boxing is all the rage, but classes are expensive and most DVDs are limited to one or two boring workouts. Here, Mary shows you how to train at home with a partner and develop and vary your own workout routines. In the second half of this DVD, she reveals her AWESOME 15-MINUTE WEIGHT WORKOUT, learned during her 17 years of training from martial artists who needed to keep up an awesome physique, but had little time to spend in the gym.