STB Explosive Tong Bei DVD Anguang


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Features Master Sun Anguang demonstrating some of China's most mysterious and effective systems. He has studied under Tong Bei Quan Master Zheng Jian Feng; Taiji Quan Grandmaster Xue Ju Jin and Chen Style Taichi Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai. Tong Bei is one of the most popular styles in Northern China. Because of its long history; no one is sure of the style's specific founder. It is even known by different names in different regions. However; Tong Bei is widely regarded as one of the most effective combat systems; because of its devastating speed & delivery. Featuring an emphasis on whipping power; as well as sideways entering & evasive tactics; Tong Bei is extremely difficult to defend. In a rare look at this devastating and powerful system of Chinese boxing; Master Sun Anguang gives a thorough overview of a system that has been evolving for over 2;000 years.