3 DVD SET Taekwondo Modern Competition Sparring - HEE


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3 DVD Set featuring 1988 Olympic Gold Medal Champion Dana Hee who shares her winning sparring techniques and drills in this training series on the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Volume 1 - ABCs The drills that will help you to outmaneuver and defeat your opponent. Hee takes you step-by-step through the main elements of competition sparring. Volume 2 - Training Drills Taekwondo is famous for it's speed and timing drills. Dana Hee shows you the drills she used to develop her incredible timing; superior kicking stamina; fast twitch muscles and overall effectiveness. Volume 3 - Fighting Strategies Dana Hee shows you the strategies that work. Counter and checkmate your opponent in the competition ring. Set-up counters; trapping techniques and ring strategies. 57 min.