Wing Chun G/F Basics #1 Structure & Footwork DVD Williams WCW01


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In a system like Wing Chun the 'structure and footwork' section is vital information. Of course you might think that's true of all systems but some, such as Wing Chun and Xing Yi, are particularly structure or shape centered. In this DVD Williams goes immediately and clearly to the heart of the matter by not just showing the footwork exercises, which are like learning dance steps, but anticipating the questions and problems a serious student might encounter. He gives insightful instruction for the Basic Stance; the Eight Punches and Eight Palm Strikes of Wing Chun. Elbow Strikes and Blocking Motions are covered as are the Five Basic Moving Stances. In addition; you will learn the footwork necessary to get the most from the other DVDs in this outstanding series. This is the 'work' part of the system and well worth the effort. 50 Minutes. When Steven Seagal; Phil Collins or Eric Clapton needed bodyguard protection; they called Wing Chun master Randy Williams; one of the world's foremost experts on self-defense. Williams; who operates schools in various parts of the world; began training at the age of 13 under George Yau and completed his instruction in the system under world renown master Augustine Fong.